Prof. Alejandro Hurtado Salazar

With a degree in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Caldas (2007) (Colombia), Master's and Doctorate in Plant Science (Plant Production) by the Federal University of Viçosa (Brazil). He worked as a Professor - Researcher at the University of Caldas and an Investigator in the research group "Agricultural Production Projection - GIPPA". He is currently part of the Research and development center of the Roullier group of the firm Timac Agro as Bioestmulant specialist and developer. He has experience in the field of Agronomy, with emphasis in Plant Engineering, acting mainly in the following subjects: fruit improvement, physiology of production, physiology of plant stress, breeding of fuits rootstocks. A published author in numerous international science journals in areas such as Crop breeding and physiology and editor and peer review member for numerous scientific journals.